Professional At Home Teeth Whiting with Smile Brilliant

Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant 

When I was in middle school I had braces. I was so proud of my teeth when I got them off in 7th grade. I really wanted to get teeth whitening after I got them off but my parents wouldn't let me. I used whitening strips that helped a bit. Here I am years and years later and my teeth needed a bit of a pick me up. After years of Diet Coke and coffee, my teeth were stained and looked dull. 

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Creating The Mold

When Smile Brilliant contacted me I was so excited to try their product. They were so helpful and responsive! I was sent a package with trays and paste to create custom molds for my teeth whitening trays. Creating the paste was so easy! I put the paste into the tray and made a mold of my teeth. I happen to know this drill too well after years of braces and retainers. I then sent in the molds in the package that was provided and waited for them to send back my whitening trays. 


After being sent the trays I started whitening my teeth. I was shocked by how easy it was! I loved the convenience of being able to whiten my teeth in the comfort of my own home. The fact that it is professional teeth whitening for less than $200 is amazing!  I used the whitening gel in my whitening trays while cooking, while watching tv, and while working in my home office. I was sent desensitizing gel that helped if my teeth became sensitive. I loved Smile Brilliant and their product! 



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*Fun fact: I am wearing my Smile Brilliant trays in most of the above photos! You can't even tell!