The April Wehners

Oh April. Remember when it was still snowing in April? Yep, no thanks. It as also just plain cold most of April because the winter lasted for actual ever. Easter was at the beginning of April and we got to spend time with both of our families. 

April highlights:

  • Michelle's surprise dinner party. Please give me all the dinner parties for ever and ever amen. 
  • Keva is actually huge. She almost doubled her size in April. 
  • We had little Chicken Nugget with us (aka his real name Reggie). He is my aunt and uncles puppy and he stayed with us for a week. Oh dang, we love him. 
  • Big April thing was that we went to Orange Beach, Alabama with Luke's family for family vacation. The whole Wehner fam was there. There were 22 of us. It was so much fun to have everyone together. 
  • Luke and my dad built some planter boxes for me. I finally got to plant my garden!