The January Wehners

I have always been a writer. I have stacks and stacks of journals that are filled with memories and processing of life. I was recently talking to Luke about how I miss being in London (duh) for a lot of reason but one of them being blogging about what was going on. Then I realized that I can do that here too. It just won't be as interesting as a quick weekend trip to Iceland. Oh the life we led...

So I am starting a new series called The Monthly Wehners. I am going to be writing about what went on during that month, sharing some suppppper high quality iPhone 6s photos, and my 1 Second Everyday from the month.  

So January. It feels like it has lasted approximately one million years. Christmas was seventeen months ago right? January was a travel month. At the beginning of January Luke and I drove down to Florida to meet my family and some of our friends. We left at 11PM and Luke drove through the night. Driving through the night makes you feel like you are dying a little bit. Every year for spring break growing up we would do this drive down to Naples, Florida which took around 18 hours. The mixture of sugar and no sleep and yesterdays clothes just makes you feel dirty. 

The week we were in Florida was the week it was cold everywhere. We got a couple days of sunshine and sprinted down to the pool to be covered by blankets but still feel the warmth of the sun. Oh bless it. We played endless amounts of games and did so many puzzles. I learned that I really am getting old because I couldn't hang and stay up to 1am every night. On our way back from Florida we decided to keep our sanity and stop in Chattanooga. It made the drive 100% easier and we will do this forever and ever amen. 

Right after getting home from Florida I left a couple days later to head down to Nashville for Katie's bachelorette party. It was by far the hardest 65 south drive I have done. The roads were icy and people are crazy drivers. I had marks on my hands from how hard I was gripping the steering wheel. But the weekend was amazing! I got to see BayB Maria and one of my college besties Lauren. 

Then at the end of the month we took our last trip for a while down to Birmingham. I was telling Luke that going to Birmingham feels like going home. I have taken that trip around 40 times over the last six years and I just love it (minus all the never ending construction). I love that city so much and the people there. I am who I am because of my years in Birmingham.

Luke and I stayed with my best friend Kara. What a weird thing to go to your best friends home and stay in her guest room. I still miss living in the same house and cooking our meals together. We got to celebrate Katie and David as they got married. 

Other monthly highlights:

  • Setting a table for the Indy Home Show

  • Hanging out with Leo every chance possible because I am an adult women who needs her puppy.

  • All the plants all the time. Obviously.

  • Headshots with my friends at Ripple BNB's Black Bungalow. Guys, I love my job. How cool is it that I get to say that?

  • I got to give a presentation to the middle school students at Immaculate Heart of Mary for career day. This was a full circle moment for me. Am I really old enough to talk about my career?

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