Katy + Michael | Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana

Katy and Michael’s wedding day was one of the sweetest I have been a part of in a while. From the second I walked in, to the second I left I felt loved and cared for. I felt like a part of the family. They welcomed me and let me be creative. I left feeling so grateful.

Katy and Micheal love each other so much. I know I could say this about every couple I photograph but there is something different about these two. They are smitten and giggly and head over heels. They have been together for a long time but it seems like they have just met. I would watch Katy catch Michael’s eye from across the room at their reception and she would giggle. They are deeply devoted to each other and it was the sweetest thing to witness. Capturing the moments of their wedding day was so special for me. I feel honored to have been there and been allowed in on these sacred moments. Dang it, I just love these two so much.


Dress | Nancy’s Bridal
Suit | Calvin Klein
Invitation | Minted.com
Flowers | Westfield Union Street Flowers and Gifts
Ceremony Venue | Westfield Friends Church
Reception Venue | Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion
DJ | Grapevine DJ

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