Hey, I'm Emily.


I am a girl who loves French fries (preferably McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A) and Diet Coke.  I have been married to my hot husband since September 2016 and we freaking love marriage. He works for a non-profit called Young Life and is the college director at Butler University. I would die to go to Waco and see all things Joanna Gaines. I mean come on guys, I'm obsessed with her. Luke and I have been renovating our house and I couldn't love it more. I'm not even sorry for rearranging the living room one million times. Oh and duh I have to tell you that I cry every time I see The Head and The Heart in concert.

I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. Back in the early 2000s I got my first point and shoot camera and I took that thing everywhere with me. Sometimes my dad would let me borrow his camera and I would spend hours and hours taking pictures of my friends and family just trying to learn how to use the camera. I started taking photos professionally in 2013 and took the leap into full time photography in 2016.

I love those little moments. The ones right before you walk down the aisle. The little tears in your eyes right before you see your honey for the first time. The way your flower girl giggles as she twirls around in her dress. The look on your moms face when she sees you put your dress on for the first time. All of these little moments compline to tell the story of your day. They are the tiny notes that make the song that sings your story. I want to be there with you to capture these moments. I want to tell your story with photos that could say a million words. Let's make some magic.




me and my honey


Wedding photos by Dawn Charles