Gwen + Andy | Zionsville, Indiana Wedding

Gwen and Andy got married at the beginning of October on a farm in Zionsville, Indiana. The day started off at Gwen and Andy’s home where the girls were getting ready. Gwen and her sister started crying the moment she put on her dress because they were so overwhelmed by how real the day was starting to feel.

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Emily WehnerComment
Professional At Home Teeth Whiting with Smile Brilliant

When I was in middle school I had braces. I was so proud of my teeth when I got them off in 7th grade. I really wanted to get teeth whitening after I got them off but my parents wouldn't let me. I used whitening strips that helped a bit. Here I am years and years later and my teeth needed a bit of a pick me up. After years of Diet Coke and coffee, my teeth were stained and looked dull. 

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